Two x Deux Round 2!

From Molly Maher:

Duets. Listening to voices harmonize and breathe together, or instruments that can carry on a musical conversation far exceeding where words can go. I’ve watched in admiration great duets over the years. From trusty playing/writing partners, to pals sitting in on songs and those great moments of connection. This series stems from all those conversations that began with “wouldn’t it be fun if we…” or “we should try this…” For me as an audience member, I selfishly want to witness musical connection. For me as a musician I want to connect musically, trying out new and old songs in a different light. All of these artists are taking that step and as a human it brings me immense joy. Duets, connection.

Molly Maher hosts each week starting off the night with a short set of her own with a duet partner.
Followed by two other sets of duets by local luminaries!
If time permits possible “Lagniappe” set: There could be a mini third set could be an all together or wild card set. (A french word meaning “a little something extra” used primarily in the south. Especially New Orleans area. pronounced LanYap)


“Trai & Tay” Traiveon Dunlap/Taylor Seaberg

Hemma/Joe Kopel


Lucia Sarmiento w/ Chris Olson

Liz Draper & Charlie Parr

w/ Reading by poet/musician Ben Weaver backed by Molly


Wendy Lewis and friends

Siri Undlin (of Humbird)/Jillian Rae


Gini Dodds w/ Terry Isaachsen

Brian Just w/ Tyler Tholl (Maple and Beach)


Todd Clouser w/TBA

Briana Kocka w/Adam Wozniak

Molly Duets with Todd Clouser


James Tyler O’Neill w/ Lara Bolton

Lady XOK/ Xilam Balam

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